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Seneste nyt omkring 2012 VM i Darthmouth
21. dec. 2011  Kl. 21:08:28  af: Jens Kristian Andersen

Seneste nyheder fra Becci Eplett omkring hvor man kan/skal bo

Dear All

 I thought this might help you and your class members with their search for accommodation in Dartmouth. I have also put this note on the Forum at

 With regards to finding accommodation in Dartmouth, you should look at the Accommodation section on the Forum at and follow the links from the same site to the Discover Dartmouth website; the tourist information centre.

 When selecting a shortlist for accommodation you should probably aim to be on the Dartmouthside of the River Dart rather than in Kingswear (which is on the other side) and ideally it would be good to find something and within walking distance fromCoronation Park which is where the Regatta HQ will be. There is plenty of accommodation in Dartmouthbut an early search is advised. I’ve attached a map here that will be useful.

 The Royal Dart Yacht Club (RDYC) is on the Kingswear side of the river. There will be no necessity for competitors to attend the RDYC during the Worlds even though it is one of the hosting Clubs. That said, all competitors will be invited to use the Clubhouse if they wish to do so during the regatta and it does have THE best views of the river (and the most charming bar staff) to be found anywhere! There is a good ferry service (car and foot passenger) between Dartmouthand Kingswear.

 Dartmouth is an historic fishing port and so the accommodation in the centre of town tends to be either cottages or small houses and recent conversions to apartments. The town is built on a steep riverbank and so you can safely assume that all roads leading away from the river on the map attached here will have serious uphill gradients!

 It is not easy (but not impossible) to find housing in the centre of town with parking spaces for cars attached but you will not need your car during the week if you are staying in town and there is ample ‘park & ride’ or ‘longstay’ parking away from the town centre.

 Best regards

 Becci Eplett

Key Yachting Ltd


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